Welcome to Steven Rubenstein's
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initial website!

ColdFusion/Ajax Developer
& Solver of All The World's Problems
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This site serves as the initial home for my open-source, subscription/recurring billing system. It's full-featured, customizable — and in need of a UI overhaul!

This is not my personal blog. That will eventually be at my community-engagement site, www.agreedis.org. Agreedis.org is a platform designed to foster compromise solutions to today's major problems. Think of it as change.org, except instead of trying to get people who agree with you to sign your petition, I am trying to get people who disagree to come together and agree on compromises. It's my way of trying to solve all of the world's problems without having to run for President.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at rubenstein DOT steven AT gmail DOT com.

I am available for consulting engagements. My specialty is building full-featured, ridiculously customizable enterprise-level systems. (And customizing/enhancing the billing system, of course.)

Download Billing Code (v1) (last updated October 16, 2013)

The code is also available on GitHub at:

Billing System Documentation:

Download ALL Documentation here or download them individually below:

Super Important Documentation:
    Installation Instructions
    SQL to create database: SQL Server | MySQL
    Architecture Overview
Fairly Important Documentation:
    Setup Manual
    Integration Guide
    All Database Tables and Columns (big html file)
    Web Services Interface Manual (WSDL files)
Less Important Documentation:
    Shopping Cart & Other Code
    Data Archiving Overview
    Listing Objects Overview
    Permissions List (little html file)
    Security Model

Below are some links to tours and product screenshots. They are from when the product was originally named Averum Billing. So just ignore the Averum logo and name.

Really Old Flash-Based Tours
Quick Overview See an overview of the billing system's functionality in one quick tour.
Setup Options Explore the system's powerful customization options, all via our browser-based screens.
Custom Pricing Check out this detailed tour of how to use Averum Billing's extensive custom pricing capabilities.
Sales Commission Learn how to implement sales commissions to automatically compensate your salespeople and partners: affiliate, cobrand and vendors.
Subscription Processing Watch as setup, custom pricing, sales commission and other features converge to automatically process customer subscriptions!
Partial Feature List
For screenshots of the various modules, click the module name.

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